『アンブレイカブル』 “Unbreakable”

角川書店『アンブレイカブル』(柳広司 著)リンク
Yanagi, K. (2021) Unbreakable , KADOKAWA


















This is a book title. One of those books assigned from my aunt, who is self claimed fool whose hobbies are very noble. I have a long reading list assigned by her, but this one was rather accessible and I could finish earlier.

It’s a fiction novel but it tells the story of existed people, who didn’t give in the power during the WWII.

It contrasts an elite special higher police character Kurosaki, what Hannah Arendt called ‘banality of evil’, with the unbreakable.

Reading this book, I felt some of the scenes remind me of current situation in Japan. After all, couldn’t have Japan changed fundamentally? That’s probably a tough reality to face. One thing certain is that there’re still a lot to change in Japan.

Its author Koji Yanagi said ‘the enemy is the apathy of the 99%’. It reminds me of the ‘The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people.’ by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Having said that, today’s ‘time for that’

I’d like to introduce my dear auntie (my mother has an elder sister) mentioned above today.

She loves music and plays the piano and cello. (Her favourite artists are Rafał Blechacz and Pablo Casals.)

She also loves watching/listening performing arts: opera, kabuki and rakugo (especially Ensho).

She also learns Japanese traditional dance, and also does tea ceremony A LITTLE BIT (though she even got a teacher’s qualification).

She reads a lot! And her favourite authors are Soseki Natsume, William Shakespeare, Cervantes, Dostoevsky, Mozi, Su Shi… She also likes “The Tale of the Heike”.

She’s also interested in arts in general and she likes Giacometti.

Her bible is “The Heart Sutra” though she sometimes go to Christian Church…

Her wild side is that she has 250cc license and does scuba diving.

What a super woman she sounds like! I don’t understand why she doesn’t have self confidence at all.

Anyway, she’s a dear plain auntie of mine. It’s likely that she sometimes appears in this blog.