IUU漁業対策 Anti IUU Fishing

Example of ‘fish mark’ (MSC label)… still struggling with finding plastic fee item


チェンジドットオーグのキャンペーンページ リンク







オマールエビと帆立貝のワイン蒸し クリームソース(写真掲載許可取得済み)
Steamed Lobster and Scallops in Wine with Cream Sauce (photo permission granted)

As a foodie, I’m especially sensitive to food-related issues. I also depressed by recent updates of Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act, but today, I talk about fish, not grains, fruits and vegetables.

I found WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) Japan’s campaign to enhance the law to regulate marine products, which are caught in Illegal/Unregulated/Unreported way (=IUU fishing). IUU fishing is not only the problem of environmental destruction (overfishing, which will also ultimately reduce the amount of fish available), but also the issue of human rights (abductees are forced to fish). Japan impose limited restriction on imported fish caught by IUU fishing, and that is not enough.
Link to a petition on Change.org

Unfortunately, it may not be widespread in Japan yet, but what I call fish mark, MSC label and ASC label are the indication of sustainable fishing, so you may pay attention to them when shopping. In the UK, it is so common that even ordinary supermarket like TESCO has many MSC labeled products.

I can’t bear if I couldn’t have seafood…! Please join the petition to regulate import seafood, which are caught with IUU fishing.

Having said that, today’s ‘time for that’

We had mother’s birthday last week, so celebrated at Daikanyama’s restaurant, Chez Lui.

We like Chez Lui’s cakes, so expected restaurant would also be nice, and it turned out it was!

I hope the dishes are nothing to do with IUU fishing…

デザートプレートと母(カオナシ) (写真掲載許可取得済み)
Dessert Plate with mother (No Face) (photo permission granted)