「第五福竜丸は航海中」So “Daigo Fukuryu Maru Keep Voyaging”

Daigo Fukuryu Maru (photo taken at non restricted area)

都立 第五福竜丸展示館に行って来ました。第五福竜丸は澤藤さんのブログに時々出ていたので、その存在は気になっていました。例えば以下の記事です。
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Non hamburg steak dish from Capital Touyoutei (photo permission granted)

I went to the Daigo Fukuryu Maru Exhibition Hall. Its presence has been in my mind for quite some times, as it appears on Sawafuji-san’s blog every now and then. Such as below.
Link to the Sawafuji-san’s blog

The ship Daigo Fukuryu-Maru became a victim of the hydrogen bomb experiment by the US, in Bikini Atoll of the Marshall Island on 1st March, 1954. Crews are of course also the victims, one of them passed away in half a year because of the disease cased by hibaku.

The exhibition was like dense of stupidity of human beings. Pursuing such a dangerous and harmful thing that destroys the Earth and ourselves.

What I must have known but not fully aware was that there are many victims of the experiments of atomic and hydrogen bombs.

What right do the governments of those have nuclear weapons have? Destroying the lives of people there and polluting the beautiful sea. Who asked the governments to do such a thing? Governments must do what its people order to do, but instead, it destroys the lives of those people, with the absence of the sovereign, under the name of secret mission or something. Can you believe that the victims of the Marshall Island were just observed, not cured? Human body experiment for the radioactive effect… do it with your own body if you want!

While Yumenoshima, where the exhibition hall located, is not very accessible I felt, I hope more people to come to see the reality. The ship was much larger than I expected, so ship fans could also come see it instead of going to Yokohama. Daigo Fukuryu Maru keep voyaging until the day nuclear-free world is realized. I don’t know until when it will be, but let’s keep trying to make it happen anyway.

Having said that, today’s ‘time for that’

What do you think of the month of May? Perhaps Aoi Matsuri (Festival) for Kyoto lovers.

I finally went there for the first time! It’s not because I’m not good at taking photos, but please check how it’s like by actually going there.

Sharing dinner photo instead. Went to the popular Western-style Japanese restaurant Capital Touyoutei. Unfortunately its signature dish hamburg steaks contain imported beefs, so I can’t eat them anymore… Non hamburg steak dishes are still nice though.

Salad at Capital Touyoutei (photo permission granted)