Happy Christmas 2021












(2022/4/10 22:16時点)

Tomorrow is the Christmas, so happy Christmas!

My family (or rather I?) spend Christmas in the UK style.

When I had a year abroad in Cardiff, I applied for Host UK Programme, in which volunteer host families let overseas students stay their home for a night for free. Christmas is a special occasion and it’s two nights’ stay.

In fact, I stayed three nights as there’s no transportation, due to the strike by railroad employee happened on 26th I was supposed to take train back home. I thought unlucky at first, but turned out to be lucky. Well it should be one of the most effective timing to do the strike anyway.

It was really a valuable experience for me. Experiencing traditional British family Christmas, with the old couple and the two dogs. Going to the church. Various traditional Christmas foods. Cozy, nice and warm British home and decorations. Watching Dickens’ “Christmas Carol”.

I think it was also that time that I was told that Christmas is the day to think about giving, rather than receiving.

Having said that, today’s ‘time for that’

I went to Rimi Natsukawa’s live concert at Billboard Live Tokyo the other day. She had broken her ankle bone about half a month before and it was her come back live. Though it still looked painful, her singing purified me as always.

The concert featured nostalgic songs. Among them, “Wakare no Yokan” (meaning “Premonition of Separation”, originally sang by Teresa Teng), was so beautiful that I almost cried.

Her “Wakare no Yokan” is recorded in this CD “Uta Sagashi – Asia no Kaze” (meaning “Song Search – Winds of Asia”).