公開床屋政談 Open Barbershop Politics vol.1

From left to right, Joe Yokomizo, Satoshi Shirai, Darthreider, Shinji Miyadai (photo taken during permitted time)            












Last weekend, I went to Fukabori TV’s event, Barbershop Politics vol.1 in Shibuya.

As usual, the first 1 hour is for free to watch.
Link to the free first half video

It was the first time I went to a politics themed talk show, but as the latter half was live only (not available even for Fukabori TV subscribers), so it was rather a must go.

It was so fun that more than 4 hours passed very quickly.

I had one objection to Miyadai-sensei though, that he said as the meaningful degrowth in terms of climate justice would cause the recession as three times bigger than the Lehman shock, it is not realistic and Green New Deal is the way.

Kohei Saito-sensei’s book said that the rich people of the richest countries need to change their lifestyle and that’s the most effective way. We won’t be able to have Beaujolais Nouveau on the day it’s released. We won’t be able to have 4 days 2 nights trip to NYC. I wasn’t convinced that they’re not realistic….

One question from the audience was that Miyadai-sensei says that to become a decent human being, one needs friends but how does he do when he/she doesn’t have a friend. While Shirai-sensei understands the situation in which he/shes doesn’t feel that there are people he/she wants to be friend with out there, he says that there are actually many people feeling the same.
So he advised to read all the full-length novels of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy would change a person, then such person will naturally become friend with those who meant to be.
All the full-length novels of these two… phew. Well, I…will…try….

There was a photo time at the end, but my poor photo taking tends not to make the most of this kind of chances….

Having said that, today’s ‘time for that’

I don’t really feel that I have to care, but my family wants to be on diet and we often eat oatmeal as our breakfast these days.

As I like porridge, I like eating a standard way; cooking with milk, adding fruits and maple syrup/golden syrup/honey, but I found it’s also nice to have it like risotto! Kakutani-san on “News Commentary” of videonews.com also recommended oyakodon style. Hmm… that sounds too much preparation for morning….