三茶ゆるカフェ Sancha Informal Cafe Gathering

Standing activity after the cafe talk (photo permission granted (from the attendees))








It was my third time joining the informal gathering of Setagaya JCP supporters.

T-san, who I met at the home of H-san, the neighbour JCP member, is the worker of Setagaya JCP and organises the gathering every third Saturday of the month. (There are two T-san, but the female one I’m mentioning.) People who gather varies. From local JCP councilors and JCP members to JCP supporter like myself and those who have a little interest in JCP, though they often have strong dissatisfaction in common, against LDP or current Japanese politics as a whole, or the Japanese society itself. Each time, I meet new people. We talk various topics over a cup of tea … local elections, Unification Church, gender and sex education, issue of the redevelopment of Jingu Gaien… to name a few. Or sometimes more personal issues and concerns. Often, people’s personal concerns are related to the social environment, and after all, rarely entirely personal.

It’s so fun to talk with those who share the awareness against the social and political issues in common. It’s often a good learning as well. The thing is that each person has a lot to talk, and there’s often no timing for me to share my talk, as long as I try to talk only when everybody stops. I should probably jump in more.

Another thing is that I might have spent time with those who share the same sense to the society too much. When I was back in Morioka at the end of last year, I was surprised how differently my old friends saw the society. Or rather, not seeing the society. It’s not that I expected much, but still…. It’s more comfortable to spend time with those who have similar sense, such as sense of human rights, rage against irrationality… ethical consideration. However, nothing would change if we stick to that comfort zone. Often, it’s just people are too occupied with their own things, not necessarily by their own doing but too busy, or just didn’t have an opportunity. This world is incredibly cruel (Attack on Titan is so right.) but I still believe in good.

I might sound arrogant. Casting no doubt on the rightness of my thoughts. Of course, there’re many things, which are not quite black or white in this world. Things we don’t know what is right. However, it hasn’t reached that level yet, unfortunately. The different ‘opinions’ I encountered, are far before the ‘various opinions’ and just a simple ignorance, neither was it a highbrow thing such as matter of ideology.

After the cafe talk, there’re sometimes activities in front of the station. Above photo is from the standing activity against Gaza attack last December.

Butter milk pancake at Voi Voi (photo permission granted)