『世界共和国へ』” Toward the World Republic”

岩波書店『世界共和国へ』(柄谷行人 著)リンク
Karatani, K. (2006) Toward the World Republic , Iwanami Shoten







マル激5金スペシャル リンク





Some dishes from dinner at the hot spring Ryokusuitei (photo permission granted)                                                    

I missed posting 5 blogs last month (my secret underlying goal) at last…. Sorry readers, if there’s any out there.

“Toward the World Republic” is a book title by Kojin Karatani, a Japanese philosopher.

Shirai-sensei mentioned his name as the example of something like how rarely people read difficult books these days. I’m ashamed to confess that I even hadn’t heard of his name.

Still, I didn’t intend to read his book anytime soon, as I already had a lot on my reading list, including Shirai-sensei’s ones. But when I was on shinkansen, it happened to be the only book I could borrow from my mother and I read it. It was kind of a pocket edition for beginners and relatively easy, so I decided to read.

In fact, I could read it smoothly, partly because I set my goal low. I considered it as fine as long as I could understand 50%, and I kept going. I believe if I keep reading books like that, I’ll understand someday, like ‘taking shower of English’ to acquire English. I actually feel that I could understand this better, as I already read “Capital in the Anthropocene” of Saito-sensei.

It also soon helped me with understand what is discussed in videonews.com better, though I heard that Miyadai-sensei criticised Kojin Karatani in the past…. So it was worth a try anyway. (The link is for the free show ‘5th Friday’ by the way)
Link to the 5th Friday free programme of videonews.com

Having said that, today’s ‘time for that’

So I read this book on my way from Tokyo to Sendai, then to Morioka. Thanks to our Tomo, I’ve got to know this wonderful event of Sendai Classical Festival. We went to two concerts Tomoharu Ushida performed. Next year, I’d like to try other concerts as well.

It was also interesting to see the differences of three pianists in one show. For me, Tomoki Sakata is ‘dramatic’, Yuya Tsuda is ‘emotional’, and our Tomo is ‘deep and beautiful’.

Of course, I enjoyed staying in Sendai. Lunch with a friend of mother, and staying at hot spring at night. What a costly… no, luxury hobby.

Very nice sushi lunch the friend of mother recommended (photo permission granted)