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Syrian food and Japanese sparkling wine (photo permission granted)                                  



インスタグラム投稿 リンク








Workshop’s first half part, clutch bag making (photo permission granted)                                            






Syrian dessert (photo permission granted)

I don’t consider Yukichi Fukuzawa as good, but I think the book title sounds good.

It’s already June! Couldn’t write much in May… life is so busy, though I still haven’t done even half of what I want to do!

Last weekend, I went to a workshop held by a friend’s sister at the bar Kujo Tokyo. The first half of workshop is to make a clutch bag with Syrian cloth and the second half is to enjoy Syrian food while learning the culture of Syria.
Link to the instagram post

I actually like this kind of workshop a lot, but have had no chances to join for a long time. So I was on my way Tokyo from Morioka on that day, but decided to join. I’m thankful for friend R-san for asking!

I had no knowledge of Syria except for that it has cruel President and has a lot of disputes, and I didn’t know about its culture at all.

The workshop’s focus was the daily life of Syria in its peace time (the time R-san’s sister studied there) and its culture, and after I joined this, I felt more familiar with Syria and glad that I joined, though I still wanted to learn a little about the political background of how Syria has become Syria today, with a slide or two.

I’ve had Lebanese cuisine when I lived in the UK (Lebanese cuisine is rather popular there), and Syrian cuisine was similar. Especially desserts were my favourite.

The venue Kujo Tokyo, which offered various tasty domestic (local consumption!) drinks is the bar, which hosts many interesting event, including “Around the World Through Food x Connect” (and this workshop is part of it).
And R-san will have another workshop regarding Mozambique on 23rd July there!

My clutch bag hasn’t been finished yet by the way… I’ll share the photo once it’s done…!

Lecture on Syrian culture (photo permission granted)

I also seriously feel like wearing kimono, joining this workshop! It has actually been one of my ambitions for the last few years.

Having said that, today’s ‘time for that’

This weekend, I went to Pacific Philharmonia Tokyo’s regular Nerima Ward concert, as the guest was our Tomo (Tomoharu Ushida), playing the Chopin Piano Concerto No. 1. I’ve went and listened to No.2 several times but No.1 was only the second time. Perfect rhythm. It was full of joy of music! Really can’t decide which I like more.

I always don’t take photos at concert and it looks tasteless on my blog, so I tried to take one!                       

Other programmes are, “Marriage of Figaro” Overture (Mozart), “Pomp and Circumstance” No.1 (Elgar), “L’Arlésienne” Suite No.2 (Bizet) and “Boléro” (Ravel). As Maestro Iimori said, masterpieces among the masterpieces that even I know.

What a rich Saturday it was.