永遠の化学物質 Forever Chemical

永遠の化学物質 水のPFAS汚染 (岩波ブックレット 1030) [ ジョン・ミッチェル ]

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岩波ブックレット『永遠の化学物質 水のPFAS汚染』(ジョン・ミッチェル、小泉昭夫、島袋夏子 著、阿部小涼 訳)リンク
Mitchell, J., Koizumi, A. Shimabukuro, N. (2020) Forever Chemical – PFAS Contamination of Water , Iwanami Booklet









  • 約5,000種のPFASがある中、世界ではようやくその中のPFOSとPFOAに対する規制が始まった
  • デュポンや3MといったPFAS汚染に責任のある企業は1970年代頃から有害な事に気づき始めていたが隠してきた
  • 多くの人々は飲み水と野菜(土壌からの汚染)を通して汚染される
  • 汚染源はPFASを製造する工場やPFASを用いた消火剤を使う軍の基地
  • PFASは特に子供の発達にとって有害で、発がん性も疑われている
  • 日本で最も汚染されている地域は沖縄、東京、大阪
  • 日本の規制には拘束力がなく、許容値も高い


私は未視聴ですが、PFAS問題については、マーク・ラファロ主演の映画、「ダーク・ウォーターズ 巨大企業が恐れた男」を観て頂けるとより理解できるかもしれません。


マーク・ラファロと言えば、私が好きな彼の出演映画は「13 ラブ 30 サーティン・ラブ・サーティ」です。とても可愛らしく、面白くて心温まる映画です。おすすめ!


The title is already scary, but it’s getting to be know in the world.

‘Forever chemical’ refers to certain chemicals, called PFAS.

According to EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), ‘Because of their widespread use and their persistence in the environment, many PFAS are found in the blood of people and animals all over the world and are present at low levels in a variety of food products and in the environment.’ ‘Scientific studies have shown that exposure to some PFAS in the environment may be linked to harmful health effects in humans and animals.’ ‘There are thousands of PFAS chemicals, and they are found in many different consumer, commercial, and industrial products.’

Examples of the products PFAS is found are; nonstick pans, water-repellent products, cosmetics etc..

It’s really everywhere and remains ‘forever’ on Earth. As PFAS circulates on Earth, it leads to drinking water contamination.

Even though PFAS causes a serious environmental pollution and health hazard, I’ve only become to know this by watching Marugeki.
Link to the digest version

I nearly run to get new PFAS free pans. But it’s said to have no direct harm by using pans itself, unless it’s heated empty and become too hot. Just need to avoid next time purchasing.

After watching this, I also read booklet about this. Mainly I learned;

  • Among roughly 5,000 of PFAS, but PFOS and PFOA are started to be regulated in the world
  • Companies responsible for PFAS such as Du Pont and 3M have tried to cover up the harms from around 1970s
  • People are mainly contaminated through drinking water and vegetables (through soil)
  • The cause of the contamination are factories, which produce PFAS, and military bases, which use certain type of fire extinguisher
  • PFAS is harmful especially for children’s development, and suspected of being carcinogenic
  • Most contaminated areas in Japan are Okinawa, Tokyo and Osaka
  • Regulation of Japan does not have legal force and the threshold is too high

The damage of Okinawa is extensive. I’m originally against US military bases in Okinawa, but now I really feel it is really harmful. I really don’t understand why less people voted for Yohei Kishimoto, who are against building military base in Henoko, at Nago Mayor Election. I understand Japanese government put bonus for opposite candidate, but I can’t help thinking that water and future health is more important than money…

I haven’t watched yet but perhaps you may get to know more about PFAS issue by watching the film “Dark Waters”, starring Mark Ruffalo.

Having said that, today’s ‘time for that’

Speaking of Mark Ruffalo, my favourite film of his is “13 going on 30.” Very lovely, funny and heart-warming film. Recommended!

【新品】13 ラブ 30 サーティン・ラブ・サーティ [DVD]

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