チェンジドットオーグのキャンペーンページ リンク





Sota-sama (photo taken at the permitted area)

I just saw the news on JCP’s newspaper Akahata about submission of the petition, by which appeals to factory automation company FANUC to stop exporting robots to Israel, as those robots were used to produce weapons to attack Palestine.

I’ve become to know about this company’s sin when I joined the protest against Israel’s genocide in Shinjuku on the 2nd of March. It seems the campaign is still open for more petitions, so please join it now via below link!
Link to a petition on Change.org

It’s such disgrace of Japan for domestic company to get involved in genocide, not to mention directly exporting weapons. (Yes, I’m more than against the revision of Three Principles on Transfer of Defense Equipment and Technology!)

It was the first protest against Israel’s genocide I joined in 2024. I understand the organisers’ desperate plea and I respect those who lead the activities regular basis, but I must say the way they talked was not very helpful in inviting more people to join the protest…. The organisers were literary screaming and even I, who came to join the activity, wanted to cover my ears. My understanding is that it was not a gathering for fellows to just get together and share emotions, but to appeal more people to be aware, pay attention, and join to protest against Israel’s genocide. In that case, appeal and persuasion are necessary than emotional outburst….

Another protest I joined was a protest against current government, “Goodbye, LDP” protest held in front of the National Diet Building on the 1st of March. I saw Honda-sensei (University of Tokyo professor Yuki Honda) in person from the distance for the first time, as well as I saw Yamazoe Taku-kun (Taku Yamazoe from JCP) and Fukushima Mizuho-kun (Mizuho Fukushima from SDP)! Honda-sensei is one of my favourite guest speakers of the programmes I watch.
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March has been a very busy month. With our Tomo’s recital season going on, while being busy with my side business activities, on top of already busy work life at the end of the fiscal year. However, for some reason, I try to put more appointments and activities during the busiest season… that’s why I joined protest activities for two days in a row… I may be a masochist….

“Suzume” Exhibition (photo taken at the permitted area)